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Northeastern Weights and Measures Association

Our Commitment and Purpose

The Commitment and Purpose of the Northeastern Weights and Measures Association (NEWMA) Is To:

  • Provide a regional forum for the discussion of all questions and problems related to the administration, regulation and the enforcement of Weights and Measures at all levels of government within NEWMA and that of the Federal Government and its various agencies

  • Promoting uniform weights and measures laws, rules and regulations in the member jurisdictions
  • Encouraging uniform weights and measures enforcement methods
  • Help in the development of better weighing and measuring devices
  • Discourage all unfair weights and measures practices
  • Cooperating with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the National Conference on Weights and Measures, the state and regional weights and measures associations and industry associations interested in the promotion of more uniform and more efficient weights and measures administration
  • Secure the cooperation of all concerned in bettering methods of dealing in commodities, securing honest weights and measures and a fair dealing in commercial quantity determinations for all people
  • Establish  the professionalism of weights and measures activities and to promote the general technical knowledge of all the membership
  • Make the public in general aware of the protection and equity available in all commercial transactions through weights and measures administration and enforcement
  • Encourage and participate on a regional basis in public relation promotional activities
  • Encourage and render assistance in development of professional status and image of weights and measures officials and public recognition on the basis
  • Assist in and encourage greater uniformity of titles and proper compensation for the duties proposed, and upon request of any member jurisdiction, to render, as an Association, whatever assistance possible to that member in this regard

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