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NEWMA Meetings

Regional Committees serve as the gateway for getting new items on the national agenda to modify the United States standards for weights and measures.  They are also a forum for providing further development of these items and developing regional consensus.

The Interim Meeting held each fall is where the NEWMA Standing Committees conduct open hearings for all carryover items from the NCWM and receive new items for consideration.  At the conclusion of open hearings, the standing committees develop recommendations to be forwarded to the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM).

At the NEWMA Annual Meeting, held each spring, Standing Committees conduct open hearings, deliberate in work sessions where they prepare addendum sheets to their reports and present their reports for the voting session.  The purpose of the voting is to develop a regional position for each of the items on the NCWM agenda.

Upcoming events

    • May 04, 2020
    • (EDT)
    • May 07, 2020
    • (EDT)
    • Saratoga Springs, New York

    2020 NEWMA Annual Meeting Registration

    May 4 - 7  |  Saratoga Springs, NY

    Registration Fee:  TBD

    If paying by check, please mail to:
    Attn: James Cassidy
    15 Avon Street
    Somerville, MA 02143



    Room Rate:  TBD
    Early Bird Reservation Deadline:  TBD

    NEWMA Contact:

    James Cassidy, Host

    15 Avon Street
    Somerville, MA 02143

    P. (617) 875-9573   F. (617) 349-6134

Past events

October 15, 2019 2019 NEWMA Interim Meeting
May 13, 2019 2019 NEWMA Annual Meeting
March 01, 2019 NEWMA Training School

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